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The total number of mold parts in China ranks top 3 in the world still needs intermittent efforts

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The total number of mold parts in China ranks top 3 in the world still needs intermittent efforts

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As of the end of 2008, there were 1,518 above-scaled companies in China's mould and accessories manufacturing industry with 211,166 employees; the annual industrial output value was 66.661 billion yuan, and the sales income and profit of mould parts such as punching pins, punches, studs, and pen model cores were realized. 47.858 billion yuan and 4.875 billion yuan; exports 1.3 billion US dollars, imports 1.28 billion US dollars, the proportion of imports and exports further tends to be reasonable.

The mold punching needle is also a “benefit amplifier”. Stamping parts with punching needles greatly improves the production efficiency. It also saves raw materials, reduces energy consumption and costs, and maintains high product consistency. In foreign countries, mold punch needles are called "golden keys" and "the driving force behind entering the wealthy society." According to statistics from foreign countries, the proportion of mold parts and accessories that can drive its related industries is about 1:100, that is, mold parts and accessories development is 200 million yuan, which can drive related industries to 20 billion yuan.

The modern mold punching industry is a technology and capital-intensive industry. In recent years, the structural adjustment pace of China's mold punching needle industry has accelerated, mainly manifested in the development speed of large-scale, sophisticated, complex, long-life mold punching needles and mold standard parts that exceed the overall development speed of the industry.

The mold punch needle is the basic process equipment for industrial production and is called "the mother of industry". 75% of the hardware parts and 50% of the finished metal parts are stamped and formed by punching needles. The majority of plastic products of the automotive die inclined jacks are also moulded by mould inserts, thimble pins and pen model cores. As the basic industry of the national economy, mold accessories are used in various industries such as automobiles, home appliances, electronics, building materials, stationery, motors, and plastic products, and have a wide range of applications.

Data show that China's current total production value of mold parts has leapt to third in the world, second only to Japan and the United States. The world today is undergoing a new round of industrial adjustment. Some mold parts and accessories are gradually being transferred to developing countries, and China is becoming a big mold and accessories country in the world. In recent years, foreign investment in China's mold and accessories industry has increased. The industrialized countries have further promoted the shift of mold and accessories to China. China's mold and accessories industry will face a new round of development opportunities and will also face enormous challenges. .

According to the tasks and goals of the “Eleventh Five-Year” mold fittings industry development, China's mold parts industry must strive to solve the problems such as total supply in short supply, unreasonable product structure, low level of process equipment, poor compatibility, and low utilization rate. The serious shortage of technical talents, low degree of specialization, absence of high-end product markets and other issues have made China's mould and accessories industry develop toward large-scale, sophisticated, complex, high-efficiency, long-life and multi-functional, and steadily progress in a good market environment.

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