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Automobile die inclined rod factory talks about the use of mold thimble

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Automobile die inclined rod factory talks about the use of mold thimble

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First, the principle of mold ejectors

(1) The thimble arrangement should make the top force as balanced as possible. The required demoulding force is greater at the complicated structural parts and the number of ejectors should be increased accordingly.

(2) The ejector pin should be set at an effective position, such as a complex structure such as a bone position, a column position, a step, a metal insert, and a partial thick glue. The thimble on both sides of the bone and column should be arranged symmetrically. The edge distance between the thimble and the bone and column should generally be D=1.5mm. In addition, as far as possible, the center line of the thimble on both sides of the column should pass through the column center.

(3) Avoid setting the thimble across the steps or on the incline. The top of the thimble should be as flat as possible. The thimble should be arranged on the structural part where the rubber part is under better stress.

(4) When the glue is deeper in the bone (depth ≥ 20mm) or it is difficult to arrange the dome needle, the flat thimble should be used. When using the flat ejector pin in the inclined head of the automotive mold, inserts are used in the flat ejector pin to facilitate processing.

(5) Avoid sharp steel, thin steel, especially the top surface of the needle can not touch the front mold surface.

(6) The thimble arrangement should consider the edge distance between the ejector pin and the waterway to avoid affecting the processing and water leakage of the waterway.

(7) In consideration of the exhaust function of the ejector pin, an ejector pin should be arranged at the place where vacuum is easily formed in order to eject the ejector.

(8) Appearance of the plastic parts, thimble can not be arranged on the appearance of the surface, other ejector methods should be used.

(9) For transparent plastic parts, the thimble cannot be placed in the area where light is to be transmitted.

Second, the principle of mold ejector selection

(1) Select the larger diameter thimble. That is, in the case where there is a sufficient ejection position, the ejector with the larger diameter and the size priority should be selected.

(2) The size of the ejector pin should be as small as possible. When using a thimble, the size of the thimble should be adjusted to minimize the size, while the preferred size series should be used as much as possible.

(3) The selected ejector pin should meet the requirements of ejector strength. When ejecting, the ejector pin should bear greater pressure. In order to avoid the bending deformation of the ejector pin, when the ejector pin diameter is less than 2.5mm, the ejector pin should be used.

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