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How to reduce the cost of punching and thimble machining

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How to reduce the cost of punching and thimble machining

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Now that prices are rising and labor is rising, how to reduce the cost of needle punching and thimble machining is a topic of concern for the mold accessories industry.

How to reduce your cost?

Most people think that they will acquire advanced automated processing equipment, but the cost of automated processing equipment is expensive. Many small businesses simply do not have this strength and funds. It is not that automation equipment is not all-powerful. Many processing technologies and advanced automation equipment are not available. Completed, at least the current automated processing equipment can not complete a lot of processing technology studded, or rely on manual processing by technicians. Now people after 90 will hardly learn this kind of dirty and tired work. Therefore, the current lack of skilled workers, coupled with rising prices, is the main reason for the rise in wages. There are always ways to really reduce costs, but where to start from raw material producers. Can a raw material producer develop a new product? For example, needles, thimble, and other things are all standard parts. Can we produce semi-finished products directly from raw material manufacturers, including heat treatment? This reduces lathe processing and heat treatment. As a result, mold and die manufacturers will reduce the number of lathe technicians. Colleagues who have reduced their processing costs have also shortened the processing cycle. The automobile model inclined top bar Guan Jian is the raw material producer did not find this business opportunity, if I have enough capital to have a capacity to open a raw material production steel factory one day, I will develop this kind of product in this respect. I believe that it will monopolize the entire mold parts market.

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