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Automotive mold wear plate manufacturers introduce mold design steps should be how to operate?

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Automotive mold wear plate manufacturers introduce mold design steps should be how to operate?

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1. The feasibility analysis of the products of the planned molds was conducted. Taking the computer case as an example, the assembly drawing software of each component product was first used for group analysis, namely the set of drawings in our case, to ensure the accuracy of each product drawing before the mold planning. Sex, on the other hand, can familiarize with the tension of each component in the entire chassis to determine the key size, so that in the mold plan is very beneficial, the specific set of essentials will not be detailed here.

2. After the analysis of the product, it is necessary to analyze what kind of mold layout is adopted for the product, and to arrange the process for the product, determine the content of the rush for each process, and use the planning software to hold the product development. As the product unfolds, it usually follows from the follow-up. The project is carried forward. For example, a product requires five processes. When the stamping is completed, the product drawing starts from the product drawings and goes to the four projects, the third project, the second project, and the first project. After a graphic is created, a copy is made and the previous one is held. The unfolding of the project, that is, the completion of the product development of the Five Projects, is lagging behind the finer things and is too detailed. This step is very tense and requires special care. If this step is completed, it will save a lot of time in drawing the mold drawings. After determining the contents of the stamping of each project, it is included in the forming mold, and the internal and external lines of the thickness of the wind-induced material are retained to determine the size of the male and female molds. The essentials for product development will not be elucidated here. Details are introduced in the detailed instructions.

3. Prepare stocks, hold stocks according to the product development plan, and determine the template size in the drawings, including solid plates, stripper plates, male and female molds, inserts, etc., and prepare stocks directly in the product development drawing. For the big benefits, I have seen many die planners directly preparing product plans for manual product development. The efficiency of this method is too low. Draw the template size directly on the drawings and express the situation with the group diagram. Aspects can complete the preparation of materials, on the other hand, eliminating many things in the mold accessories, the car mold wear plate because in the drawing of the various components only need to participate in positioning drawings, pins, guide posts, screw holes can.

4. After the stock preparation is completed, the drawing of the mold drawing can be fully entered, and a copy is prepared in the preparation drawing, and the drawing of each component is performed, such as participating in screw holes, guide post holes, positioning holes, etc., and in the punching die. Various kinds of holes need to be cut through wire holes. In the forming mold, the molding clearances of the upper and lower molds must not be forgotten. Therefore, after the completion of these things, the mold diagram of a product has almost completed 80%, and the others are drawing the mold drawings. The process needs to be too detailed: each process, refers to the production, such as the fitter marking, line cutting and other processing processes have been completed to complete the difference, so that there is a great interest in line cutting and drawing processing, such as the distinction of color, etc. Dimensioning is also a very stressful thing, and it's also the worst thing to do, because it's a waste of time.

5. After the above drawings are completed, in fact, drawings cannot be issued yet. Proofreading of the mold drawings is also required. All parts are assembled and a differential layer is made for each of the different mold plates, and the mold is held on the same reference as the guide post hole. Set up the analysis and put the product development diagrams of each process into the assembly diagram to ensure that the alignment of the hole position of each template and the clearance between the upper and lower molds of the bending position are accurate.

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