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The efficiency of automotive mold design industry

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The efficiency of automotive mold design industry

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Automotive mold design is an important part of many industries, including the manufacture of automotive molds, so we need to pay attention to the efficiency of automotive mold design. At the same time we can improve the efficiency of mold production and design from the following aspects.

1. Automotive mold design is the most important step to improve mold quality. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, including the selection of mold materials, the usability and safety of the mold structure, the machinability of mold parts and the convenience of mold maintenance. These should be considered as well as possible in the beginning of the design. When the mold is designed, the structure should be compact and easy to operate, and the mold parts should have enough strength and rigidity; when the mold structure allows, the angle of the surface of the mold parts should be as much as possible. It is designed as a fillet transition to avoid stress concentration; for the die, cavity and part of the punch, the core, can be used in combination or insert structure to eliminate stress concentration, elongated punch or core, in the structure to be taken Appropriate protective measures; for the cold die, should be equipped with devices to prevent the clogging of parts or materials. At the same time, we must consider how to reduce the impact of wear and tear on the quality of the mold due to sliding fittings and frequent impact parts in long-term use. .

2. The choice of automotive mold materials must meet the customer's requirements for product quality, but also take into account the cost of materials and its strength in the set period, of course, but also according to the type of mold, the use of working methods, processing speed, automotive Die wear plate main failure modes and other factors to select materials

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