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Are there any requirements for wear plate drilling?

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Are there any requirements for wear plate drilling?

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Sometimes wear plates need to be drilled. What should we watch out for during drilling? Here are some information for your reference: Choose the correct shape. In order to reduce the volume of the sound barrier and the noise radiation area, its shape should be similar to the sound source device. , And cover the wall as close as possible to the sound source device housing. But should also consider the convenience of monitoring, ventilation, intake and exhaust and muffler normal work requirements.

In addition, the surface form should have greater stiffness and be conducive to sound insulation. Minimize the use of square parallel walls to prevent airborne sound waves in the hood.

The wall of sound insulation cover should have sufficient transmission loss of the LTL. The cover wall material can be lead plate, steel plate, aluminum plate, thin wall, high density plate, generally use 2~3mm steel plate.

Reinforced or coated damping layer on the metal plate. By strengthening or applying the damping layer, the resonance and matching effect of the lightweight structure such as the steel plate are suppressed, and the radiation of the acoustic wave is reduced. The thickness of the damping layer should not be less than 2 to 4 times the wall thickness. .

The inner surface of the diaphragm should have good sound absorption performance. The cover is usually treated with a 50 mm thick porous sound-absorbing material, and the sound absorption coefficient should not be lower than 0.5.

The basic composition of the soundproof cover shown in Fig. 10-8 is a 3 mm thick steel plate with a 7 mm thick layer of bitumen damping layer coated with solid asbestos wool, lined with a 50 mm thick layer of superfine glass. The protective layer of cotton sound-absorbing glass wool, the car mold wear plate consists of a layer of glass cloth and is punched at 25% speed. The average transmission loss of this component is between 34,45 db.

Vibration isolation. There can be no rigid connection between the machine and the acoustic enclosure. The flexible connection is usually rubber or clamped in the middle to absorb the vibration, otherwise it will directly transmit the vibration of the machine to the cover, so that the enclosure can be radiated by noise. The surface, thereby reducing the sound insulation effect. Between the machine and the base, there is also a need for vibration isolation between the soundproof cover and the machine base.

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