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Mold development puts special requirements on mold processing equipment

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Mold development puts special requirements on mold processing equipment

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1. The increasing size of die-molded parts and the high productivity of parts require a multi-cavity mold, resulting in an increasingly larger die, large-tonnage large-scale die up to 100 tons, a mold of several hundred lumens, thousands of chambers, requiring large-scale mold processing equipment Taiwan, increase the Y-axis travel, large load-bearing, high rigidity, high consistency.

2. The hardness of the mold steel material processed by the mold is high, and the mold processing equipment is required to have thermal stability and high reliability.

3. For complicated cavity and multi-functional compound molds, with the complexity of the shape of the parts, the level of design and manufacture of the mold must be improved, and a variety of grooves and various materials must be formed or assembled into a multi-functional composite assembly in one set of molds. The mold requires a large amount of processing and programming procedures. It has a high deep hole cavity comprehensive cutting capacity and high stability, and improves the processing difficulty.

4. The refinement of mold processing brings more attention to the compoundness and high efficiency of processing equipment. High-speed milling has many advantages such as high machinability, stable machining, small cutting force, and small workpiece temperature deformation, which makes mold companies pay more and more attention to high-speed machining.

5. High dynamic accuracy. The static performance (such as the repeat positioning accuracy and linear feed speed) introduced by the machine tool manufacturing enterprise cannot reflect the actual machining situation when machining the three-dimensional mold surface. The high-precision processing of the three-dimensional surface of the mold has brought forward the requirements of high dynamic precision performance, and high-speed high-precision can be realized only when the high rigidity, thermal stability, high reliability, and high-quality control system of the machine tool are matched.

6. The combination of automotive mold top bar processing technology and green product technology will be taken into account when enterprises purchase equipment. The radiation and medium selection of electric processing machine tools will be factors affecting safety and environmental protection. EDM milling technology will be obtained in the future mold processing field. development of.

7. The composite application of multiple measurement technologies, high-speed measurement, and reverse engineering have become the direction in which molds are involved in product development and design technologies.

With the continuous development of CMMs, scanners, and laser tracker technologies, "online measurement" makes measurement machines "instrumentalized", which requires their adaptability to higher speeds, high precision, and high detection technology. Adaptability. The main function of the CMM machine is to acquire coordinate data through contact or laser scanning and other non-contact methods. After data processing, the rebuilt workpiece is completed. Modern measurement technology continues to infiltrate product research and development. Under the system of reverse engineering design and manufacture, the inseparable relationship between the design and manufacture of the mold and the mold parts becomes more apparent. Luo Baihui said that today's mold companies take the mold as the carrier and actively explore the production of mold parts. It is an important production method. The demand for mold equipment purchases by mold companies is very strong. In 2007, China produced 173,000 units of molding equipment, including 3,000 NC molding equipment; 3844 imported forging stamping equipment, and 4,671 molding equipment.

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