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How to choose the top position?

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How to choose the top position?

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When designing the location of the ejector pin on the casting, the possibility of damage when the casting is ejected is avoided. Casting damage refers to the deformation of the casting or the occurrence of surface pits and other defects at the ejector pin position. The damage is caused by the non-uniform force of the ejector pin in each part of the casting. The force exerted by the individual ejector pin on the casting is too large, the deflection of the casting in the ejecting process occurs, and the deformation and compression of the casting surface occur. Therefore, when selecting the position of the ejector pin, you must master the following principles:

    1) The top bar is located where the casting clamping force is greatest.

    2) The number of rams should be sufficient, and should be evenly distributed in various parts of the casting to avoid skewing when the casting is cast.

    3) The automobile ejector pin is preferably arranged in a thick part of the casting. Arranging the ejector pin in some areas of the casting where the strength is insufficient may cause local deformation of the casting. In order to avoid indentation on the surface of the casting, the end face of the top bar in contact with the casting should have a large enough area

    4) The ejector pin should be arranged as far as possible outside the casting body, where the pouring opening or the casting is to be machined.

    5) When the structure of the casting itself is not suitable for placing the top bar, a special process bump can be designed to withstand the top bar's top force.

    6) In order to avoid the formation of pits or projections on the casting, it must be ensured that the end face of the top bar and the wall of the cavity are in the same plane, and the top bar and its mounting hole are generally made round.

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