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Improve the quality of mold parts processing method

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Improve the quality of mold parts processing method

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The mold steel material processed by the mold parts has high hardness, and the mold processing equipment is required to have thermal stability and high reliability.

For complicated cavity and multi-functional compound molds, with the complexity of the shape of the parts, the level of design and manufacture of the mold must be improved, and a variety of grooves and various materials must be formed or assembled into a multi-functional composite assembly in one set of molds. The mold requires a large amount of processing and programming procedures. It has a high deep hole cavity comprehensive cutting capacity and high stability, and improves the processing difficulty.

The processing quality of mold parts includes machining accuracy and surface quality: the machining accuracy is the degree of conformity between the three geometrical parameters of the actual surface size, shape and position of the machined parts and the ideal geometric parameters required by the drawings; the actual geometric parameters and ideals of the automobile ejector pin parts The deviation of geometric parameters is called machining error.

Machining accuracy and machining error are the terms used to evaluate the geometric parameters of the machined surface. The machining accuracy is measured by the tolerance level. The smaller the level value is, the higher the precision is. The machining error is represented by a numerical value. The larger the value is, the greater the error is. High machining accuracy means that the machining error is small, and vice versa; the actual parameters obtained by any machining method are not absolutely accurate. From the point of view of the function of the part, as long as the machining error is within the tolerance range required by the part drawing, it is considered that the machining is guaranteed. Accuracy.

The quality of the machine depends on the machining quality of the part and the assembly quality of the machine. The machining quality of the part includes the machining accuracy and the surface quality of the part. The machining accuracy refers to the actual geometric parameters (size, shape and position) and ideal geometry after machining the part. The degree of consistency of the parameters. The difference between them is called processing error. The size of the machining error reflects the level of machining accuracy. The larger the error is, the lower the machining precision is, and the smaller the error is, the higher the machining accuracy is; the main aspects affecting the machining accuracy are: dimensional accuracy, and the degree of tolerance between the actual size of the part after machining and the tolerance of the part with the center.

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