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Copper sheath temperature resistance

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Copper sheath temperature resistance

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Automotive mold copper bushings have good temperature resistance, stable performance, and long-term use. Different insulation materials have different operating temperature ranges. The bulk density is generally not more than 600kg/m3. With low bulk density, not only the thermal conductivity is low, but also the support of the insulation pipe can be reduced.

Copper jacket has a certain mechanical strength, can meet the requirements of construction, generally its compressive strength should be ≥ 0.3MPa. Non-toxic, non-corrosive to metal. Extremely low combustibles and moisture content for easy molding.

Copper sheath insulation is usually through the outer layer of insulation material in the equipment or pipeline, in order to make long-term and reliable use of insulation materials, but also a protective layer on the outside of the insulation layer.

1. Requirements for insulation materials.

Good insulation performance. The thermal conductivity is the most important property of the insulating material. As the insulating material, the smaller the thermal conductivity, the better. The thermal conductivity of the thermal insulation material mainly depends on the size and distribution of the air bubble or air layer contained in the thermal insulation material, and has little relationship with the solid properties of the thermal insulation material.

2. For the requirements of the protective layer, for the long-term reliable use, a protective layer is usually added outside the insulating layer. The requirements for the protective layer are as follows:

1) The waterproof performance is good.

2) The compressive strength is good, generally not lower than 80MPa, not easy to burn.

3) The thermal conductivity at 50°C does not exceed 0.33 W/(m·k).

4) Under the condition of temperature change or vibration, it is not easy to crack or peel.

5) Few combustibles or organic matter, generally should not exceed 10%.

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