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How to measure the quality standard of copper jacket

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How to measure the quality standard of copper jacket

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The quality of copper jackets focuses on two points: First, it is the main heating system that needs to be removed, and it really promotes the primary responsibility of the heating system and the practical operation of energy saving. The main part of the copper tube heat exchanger supplier is the actual responsibility for the actual operation of the heating system and the efficient operation of the heating system, which must be accepted. Energy-saving incentives and mechanisms, the actual operation of the heating system has a hot supplier market, how much money is not their own warming, he, the more calories consumed, their higher income, is clearly unreasonable and contrary to the purpose and Operate energy-saving. As a policy, a hot subjective and objective provider should be to carefully examine the major part of ongoing energy conservation. Second, we should consider the heating tariff policy. In theory, users of more than 50% of energy-saving buildings will save 20-30% of their heating costs each year. In fact, the phenomenon of savings in energy-efficient buildings already exists. The current status of exploration costs in response to current heating reforms is in line with our way of heating energy-saving heating costs. Implement policy research on the requirements of hot-measurement units, save energy and protect residents' behavior. Given the conditions, the car model copper sleeve sound should adopt gradual implementation of heat metering reform, should emphasize the overall heat meter and control valve or valve, such as heat input installed in the existing building, the balance of building total heat regulation, in this On the basis of the family conditions, a heat metering device can be implemented. That is to say, the temperature control of the foundation building is very simple and energy-efficient in terms of area or thermal principle. The precondition for the execution of the above procedure is that the heated building or the internal temperature can be controlled, which is the key heating measurement and charging reform, and the condition also enhances the energy that the residents must know to meet. If residents can control the temperature themselves, it will not cool the window.

The technical level has also taken two points: one of the new buildings, continuing to build on the basis of the improvement of the construction, and confirming that it should be fully implemented with dual-pipe systems and household metering payments, and paying close attention to the heat metering charges Policy Research. Continue to focus on the design of this faucet, increase supervision, and strictly lay the foundation for the full implementation of standard links and dual-systems and separate metering fees. As for the operation and management of thermal systems, the management of thermal metering devices is steadily advancing. Energy-efficient buildings not only save energy but also save money.

Usually less than the actual energy saving effect of the design requirements. From the test results, it is determined that the building energy-saving standard is 50%, the measurement is only 37% energy, the building energy-saving is 30%, and only 7.2% of the standard for measuring energy-saving.

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