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Mold industry development status

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Mold industry development status

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According to the “National Basic Situation of Mold Specialized Plants” compiled by the Management Committee of the China Die and Mould Industry Association, China’s molds have grown at an average rate of over 15%, which is more than double the average value of domestic GDP. Among them, casting molds account for about 5% of the total output value of various types of molds, and the annual growth rate is as high as 25%. The development is very active.

The development of China's mold industry gives strong support to the manufacturing industry. At the same time, the development of the manufacturing industry has also promoted the development of the mold industry. China has also become a big producer of molds. The number of domestic mold manufacturers has increased to more than 20,000, and the number of employees is about 1 million. The total annual output of molds has reached 55 billion yuan. However, China's die and machine tool industry is still "large but not strong." Although China's mold industry is currently known as a global "manufacturer" with a huge annual import and export volume, due to factors such as technical talents, it is relatively concentrated in the low-end and high-end markets. Therefore, the high-end market for domestic mold and die enterprises, the economy The temptation is undoubtedly great.

Industry associations are economic organizations established by related companies for their own development. Under the conditions of market economy, as an important intermediary organization, industry associations have the function of coordinating the interests of market players and improving the efficiency of market allocation. Therefore, promoting the construction of industry associations has become a topic that cannot be ignored. The mold industry must achieve significant development and it is essential to promote the construction of mold industry associations.

The proportion of some high-level molds has reached about 40%. These molds are characterized by their complexity, precision, large scale, and long life. For example, the weight of a single set of molds can reach 125t? Some precision multi-position progressive molds have a life of 300 million punches, and the precision of 0.001mm increases with the precision requirements of the mold parts industry and the progress of science and technology. The machining accuracy of parts will be within 1μm. The company's innovation, research and development capabilities have been improved, and new technologies and new processes have been widely promoted. For example, the self-processing technology of the mold and the flexible and integrated technology of the mold? Mold design system, large-scale progressive die, advanced mold manufacturing technology and 3D design technology research and development? Stamping process design systems, reverse engineering, and body mold digital manufacturing systems are all inseparable from the development and promotion of digital and information technology.


According to statistics, in the first half of 2013, the output of moulds in Hubei Province was 16,388 sets, an increase rate of 3.43%; of which, 4,181 sets were produced in June, and the growth rate was 78.6% in June. From January to June 2013, the output of molds in Guangxi was 34,344 sets, with a growth rate of 6.09% from January to June. In the first half of 2013, the output of molds in Chongqing was 7,365, with a growth rate of 1.43%. In the first half of 2013, the output of molds in Sichuan Province was 921,682 sets, with a growth rate of 660.94% from January to June.

There is a problem

China's mold industry continues to develop, but at the same time there are many problems that need to be solved. China’s mold industry has been busy expanding, ignoring market research and understanding customer needs, resulting in high-end molds becoming the short board of China's mold industry. Most of the high-end molds required in the Chinese market rely on imports, but there are a large number of mold products out of the country. No door, a lot of pressure, resulting in a serious situation of supply and demand dislocation.

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