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Die above mold, mold, pull the core What does it mean?

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Die above mold, mold, pull the core What does it mean?

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Development, design, and production of molds (groups). Is to make the product design of the mold and related auxiliary equipment produced;

The opening of the mold corresponds to the closing of the mold (front and back of the mold).

Parting, dividing a mold into several parts. The purpose is:

Easy to remove the model (such as: casting mold);

The product processing process is divided into several steps to complete (such as: stamping die);

Take the product out of the mold (eg: injection mold).

Divide a mold into several parts

Automotive core pulling. Remove some part of the mold first (special example of parting).

When the injection molded elbow is removed from the mold, the part of the mold that forms the elbow cavity is extracted

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