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Walking water rod

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Walking water rod

  • Detailed introduction

Name of product: Walking pole

Material: SUJ2

Hardness: surface high frequency HRC62°±2°

Internal conditioning HRC30°±2°

Walking water rod is mainly used for forming larger large-scale molds. Due to the large size of the molding top, it is not easy to cool. The waterway must be used for cooling when designing. The water supply top rod solves this problem very well. Usually, there are two kinds of water inlet and outlet at the bottom of the water. The use of a water moving mandrel can effectively shorten the product molding cycle and improve the quality of molded products. Common specifications are Φ16, Φ20, Φ25, Φ30, Φ35, Φ40, Φ50. The specific dimensions can be processed according to customer requirements.

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