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Stopping the water head

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Stopping the water head

  • Detailed introduction

Name of product: stop transfer

Material: FDAC

Hardness: internal vacuum HRC36°±2°

Nitrided surface HV900°-1100°

Stop-rotating water heads are suitable for large-scale molds. Some molded top blocks require water-cooling, and only single-pole connections can be used. The waterway can improve the quality of the molded product and shorten the molding cycle. The non-rotating flat wire can prevent the bottom fixed screw line from breaking and damaging the mold. The top rod adopts FDAC material, which not only ensures the strength but also facilitates the processing of the waterway hole. It is also not easy to deform after processing the long flat yarn. Common specifications are Φ12, Φ16, Φ20, Φ25, Φ30, and the specific dimensions can be processed according to customer requirements.

Name of Product: Inclined Carriage

Material: 45# steel + high strength brass

Inclined roof slides are suitable for side core-drawing molds. The device can be arbitrarily moved during the opening and closing process of the mold, and the angle of the movable core connecting the inclined top can be freely moved. The automatic core adjustment function can effectively improve the problem that the side pull core is easily jammed and the activity is not smooth. The high-strength brass + graphite material for the inner slide of the slanted roof slides improves the lubricity and wear resistance. All major brand standard parts can be customized.

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